NEON Europe are Hiring!

The New Economic Organising Network (NEON) is hiring for positions to assist in the delivery of a workshop entitled ‘Systemic Responses to the Housing Crisis: A Strategy Workshop, being held in Dublin, Ireland, March 17th-20th.

NEON is a network of 1000 organisers in the UK draw from grassroots campaigns, trade union organising, community groups, politics and research. It aims to provide support, training, skill sharing and knowledge to build and develop campaigns and movements and create a society and economy based on social justice and equality. for more details on NEON Europe, the Pilot programs and future plans.

‘Systemic Responses to the Housing Crisis: A Strategy Workshop’ is one of three pilot programs being run across Europe by NEON. This workshop hopes to bring together organisers, researchers and above all people at the frontline of housing activism, to learn from each other, share tactics and strategy and develop an analysis which benefit both their local/national work and a European response to the housing crisis. The team delivering this workshop currently consists of lead NEON Europe Organiser Guppi Bola, Senior Organiser Huw Jordan, based in London and Dublin Organiser Seamus Farrell.

NEON Organising Team.jpg

NEON are hiring for two positions based on three key criteria, with a total of 2x 35 hours work  positions, with majority of work carried out on the weekend of the event 17th-20th of March (25hours) and the final days leading up event (10 hours)

  1. Translator: Across the 4 day program there may be a need for translation work. This will be a key role during the workshop but also more generally in supporting activists who arrive ahead of the workshop starting. Specific requirements have not yet been finalised but translators for Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek and Polish are possible needs. Hiring will fit need in this regard
  2. Facilitator. There will be a need for a lead facilitator for the four days. They will also contribute to the design and know thoroughly the workshop schedule and planned content. They will need to balance the needs of diverse nationalities, backgrounds and interests over the weekend, manage the energy and support within the space and will work closely with Seamus Farrell and the NEON staff in this regard.
  3. Logistics: We will also require support on logistical elements of the workshop such as ensuring food is available at the right time, the venue is fully accessible, participants are able to deal with any issues they come up against and someone is at hand to help set up and pack away. You’ll need good event management experience and an eye for detail.

How to apply

Please reply by answering the questions below:

  1. Why you are interested in the role?
  2. Why you are suitable for the role? (focusing on your experience, both general and specific to supporting events)
  3. What you hope to contribute into the future in terms of local/national organising (in particular housing organising in Ireland) and European organising and activism?

Please send your applications to Seamus at by 12 noon on Monday 22nd February


The New Economy Organisers Network is absolutely committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their background. We value diversity and lived experience whilst also acknowledging the underrepresentation of people from certain backgrounds and life experiences both within our community and wider campaigning movements. We are determined to correct this and particularly encourage applications from people of colour; people with disabilities (including mental illnesses or other long term illnesses); people from the LGBT+ community; and people who identify as working class.


If you don’t feel confident enough to apply for this position, please get in touch for an informal chat – we’d be thrilled to talk and it absolutely won’t affect the outcome of your application. Just email Seamus to arrange a call. In order to ensure we are doing all we can to encourage applications for people of all backgrounds we need to collect monitoring data. The questions concerning equal opportunities are optional and your answers will be treated confidentially.


What gender do you identify as?
What sexuality do you identify as having?
What is your ethnic identity?
Do you identify as having a disability or long term illness? If yes, please give us further details.
Faith identity
If there is any other information about your background which you feel is relevant, please tell us here (i.e. class background, caring responsibilities)?



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